Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful weather in Nags Head, Outer Banks NC

Tare Heel Motel, Nags Head Outer Banks

The weather this weekend has been a peek into what the summer has in store for us. Took a stroll around 10:00 am this morning on the beach and it was already reaching into the 80's. The ocean was clear and sparkling, I expected the ocean to be freezing but it was actually not so bad with ocean water temperature at 67 °F. Waves were chest high yesterday not so much today. None the less, surfers were out south of Jennette's Pier and sunbathers were stretched out getting rays as far as the eye could see.

A few more weeks until Memorial Day Weekend means a few more weeks at off season pricing. Now is the perfect time for that weekend getaway. Waiting for the holiday weekend for some beach time? Memorial Day Weekend is almost booked out for us at the Tar Heel, so if you haven't booked yet better do it soon!

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